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50 years of experience

Because, more than ever, there is no success for the fashion industry without respect for the environment, solidarity and responsibility.

know-how in the service of their clients

B&M CLOTHING is a clothing factory that has been building its success in Europe and the United States for 50 years thanks to the know-how, high standards and innovation of 140 employees. Experience that has been recognized by the world's largest players in the clothing industry, as well as the most demanding and committed fashion designers.

Because B&M masters all stages of the production process - from cutting to tailoring to pattern development and the production of the first prototypes thanks to a dedicated team. Provides the supply and management of fabrics and consumables on behalf of its customers, and invests heavily in the most advanced technologies to offer them a state-of-the-art comprehensive service. In this way, B&M can today offer its customers a 3D presentation to be able to remotely verify the launch of new productions.

A modern and committed company

A modern and dynamic company managed by Jurek Bachner, who since 1990 decided to make B&M one of the main players in the clothing industry in Europe. But B&M is also a committed company that has been anticipating and choosing to favor the most environmentally friendly materials and procedures for several years. In this way, all of its deliveries are ECOTEX STANDARD 100 certified, so that B&M can accompany each of its partner companies towards an ecological and responsible transformation of their production.

Our team

consists of 140 qualified employees

Project pt. Working capital subsidy for B&M Clothing Company Sp. z o.o.
Planned results: 3 months of maintaining the company's activity.
Project value: PLN 342,568.50 PLN Contribution of European Funds: 100%